Andrew Hannah

Blaue Blume: “We really try hard to be as timeless as possible”

Ahead of their show at Ja Ja Ja Festival, we had a chat with Jonas Smith about Denmark, nostalgia and what we might get from Blaue Blume’s debut album.

When Saints Go Machine: “I just like stuff that’s simple”

Ahead of their appearance at the Ja Ja Ja Festival, we speak to When Saints Go Machine's Nikolaj Vonsild about what's next for the band....a collaboration with Slick Rick?

Nils Bech: “I write music about my own life”

Ahead of his appearance at the Ja Ja Ja festival, we speak to the fabulous Norwegian performer Nils Bech.

Bedhead - 1992-1998

Greylag: “This record is very much our collective voice”

We get to know Greylag, and the Portland-based trio's take on Americana.

Run The Jewels - Run The Jewels 2

Korallreven - Second Comin’

These New Puritans: “I wanted it to be the complete opposite of a kind of cash-in rock live album”

We speak to Jack Barnett about the incredible E-X-P-A-N-D-E-D - the live version of the band's last album - and where the future lies for These New Puritans.

Swans - Filth [Reissue]

Mysteries - New Age Music Is Here

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