Andrew Hannah

Tanya Tagaq: “It’s an issue having people coming and telling you how to live from so far away”

Andy Hannah speaks to the Polaris-winning Tanya Tagaq, to find a woman making an impassioned defence of a way of life that's under threat from a number of sources.

Natalie Prass - Natalie Prass

Jessica Pratt - On Your Own Love Again

Listen: Erica Gibson - “Out Of My Mind”

Too much on your mind? Let Philly pop star Erica Gibson do all the mental running for you courtesy of her new track "Out Of My Mind".

Africa Express Presents….Terry Riley’s In C Mali

Best Fit Artwork of the Year 2014: Swans - To Be Kind

Best Fit talks context and iconic images with Swans bandleader Michael Gira as we hail To Be Kind's artwork as our favourite of 2014.

JJ: “Don’t hate on reality, push it the way you want it to go”

We get the rare chance to hear from Joakim Benon and Elin Kastlander of engimatic Swedes JJ as they talk us through new album V, and how they looked backwards - and ahead - for inspiration.

Love Inks - The Glad Cafe, Glasgow 30/11/14

Texan trio Love Inks return to the UK to play the minimal yet welcoming tracks which make up their new album, Exi.

Sørveiv Festival - Kristiansand, Norway 7-8 November

A two-day showcase of some of the best Scandinavia has to offer, Norway's Kristiansand-based Sørveiv festival is doing some great work in supporting new and up-and-coming acts.

Blaue Blume: “We really try hard to be as timeless as possible”

Ahead of their show at Ja Ja Ja Festival, we had a chat with Jonas Smith about Denmark, nostalgia and what we might get from Blaue Blume’s debut album.

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