Continuing the journey he began on "Our Own Way" and "Drowning", the powerful "Wild Romance" finds the singer starting to be comfortable in his own skin.

Over Calypso-style synths and handclap percussion, Di Giovanni lets a dramatic vocal strut through the verses and fully flourish in a booming chorus of self-discovery. As he sings "I love hearing you / talk about your dreams / something in your voice / lights a fire in me" it's hard not to identify with that moment when you realise you're deep into something - good or bad - that's going to define you for the rest of your life.

An artist overturning the clichés of masculinity, Andrea Di Giovanni is fast becoming a vital voice in pop music.

We spoke to the musician to find out a little more.

BEST FIT: So, who is Andrea Di Giovanni?

Andrea Di Giovanni: "I'm a 24 years old indie/art pop artist and LGBTQIA+ activist, originally from Italy now living in London."

How did you get started with singing? Was there a moment that made you think “yes! I want to do this!”?

"It all started when I was 8, I was such an introvert, shy kid and singing seemed the only way for me to express my emotions. Every time I perfomed in front of a crowd, regardless of its size, I felt strong, powerful; I realised I had a voice and that people would actually listen to me."

Who are your influences?

"There's so many but I'll try to sum it up! I've grown up listening to some of the greatest such as Micheal Jackson, Queen, Whitney Houston, Beyoncé/Destiny's Child but also a lot of rap artists like Eminem & 50 Cent and punk groups like the Blink 182. Today I feel incredibly inspired by the work of David Bowie, Grace Jones and queer artists such as Years & Years, MNEK & Jessie St John."

You post a lot of videos of you singing… do you have a favourite cover?

"'Listen' by Beyoncé for sure. To me it represents my own artistic journey and it resonates with the person that I am today."

A lot of the songs i’ve heard are songs originally sung by women…. do you identify more with a feminine energy?

"Abso-freaking-lutely. I love to express my femininity within my biologically male body, it's such an empowering and liberating feeling. I define myself as gender fluid in fact, I don't like to be fixated on one gender only: some day I feel more masculine, some days more feminine and some days something in between the two. When I put on clothes that were originally designed for women, I feel fierce, super confident and proud of myself, which is the most important thing!"

What can you tell us about “Wild Romance”?

"I wrote it during Christmas time last year while I was dating someone. My feelings were bubbling up and I was starting to fall in love with that person; the time we spent together was also very intense, passionate... wild. This song represents the third step in my journey from darkness to light: the exploration of my sexuality. I've held back my real nature for so long and I went into this phase 'full-on', not really respecting myself or my body really… eventually I ended up with hurting myself and feeling lost for quite a while!"

Wild Romance is out now.