Tanya Tagaq: “It’s an issue having people coming and telling you how to live from so far away”

Andy Hannah speaks to the Polaris-winning Tanya Tagaq, to find a woman making an impassioned defence of a way of life that's under threat from a number of sources.

Tim Burgess on the return of the Charlatans: “We threw the kitchen sink in on this one”

After five years jam-packed with joy and sadness, death and life - Tim Burgess opens up about the rebirth of the Charlatans.

Track By Track: Francisco The Man stream and discuss Loose Ends [Premiere]

We managed to sit Francisco The Man down long enough so that they could run us through the ins and outs of debut LP Loose Ends.

Mouse Rat: A History

Best Fit's Jason Williamson gets you up to speed with the Pawnee, Indiana garage-band stalwarts.

Here’s To Life Outside The Lines

Sailor Jerry launch new film featuring footage of Iggy Pop and The Stooges

Woman’s Hour x Krankbrother: “We found the remix quite straightforward to put together”

Krankbrother have recently remixed "Conversations" by Woman's Hour, so we got the two acts to interview each other about it and the wider world of electronic music.

Belle & Sebastian: “As usual, we haven’t done things by the book”

Stuart Murdoch opens up about the band's most varied, political and personal album to date, Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance.

15 for 15: The Records We’re Most Excited About This Year

After a sterling year for music, check out the albums we think will define the next twelve months.

My Favourite Illustrators

The violinist and vocalist of Scottish stalwarts Belle & Sebastian writes about the impact of illustration on her own creative spirit.

The Year In News 2014

Here's our roundup of the year's biggest stories, from Dolly Parton tearing up Glastonbury to Burial taking a selfie.

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