Track By Track: Fyfe on Control

Fyfe explains the complex ideas behind his debut LP Control, and airs a new track, "Veins".

Björk: Archives Gives Us A Brilliant Insight Into A Pioneering Artist

An exhibition catalogue with its own artistic value, Björk: Archives is almost as illuminating as one of her records, writes Paul Bridgewater

Broken Svenglish: In conversation with 1987 and Hanna Järver

Victor Holmberg - aka 1987 - and newcomer Hanna Järver discuss language barriers in pop music.

Polaroids with The Decemberists

As The Decemberists wrap up the UK leg of their European tour we catch up for some candid Polaroids backstage.

Track By Track: Sea Change on Breakage

Ellen W. Sundes runs us through the moods and moments behind her debut LP, Breakage.

The Written Word

Joe Lyons, aka Eaves, writes about the power of the written word - and shares a beautiful trailer for his upcoming debut album, featuring new song 'Spin'.

Krill: “The seven-minute rock song is back!”

We talk Boston, long songs, dogs and apple cores with Krill.

PJ Harvey: Life In Progress

Standing in Somerset House, watching PJ Harvey, I feel the gravity of two worlds colliding.

The Districts: “We like to experiment with the original idea”

We talk Tom Waits, growing up in a small town, and Good Housekeeping with the youthful Pennsylvania quartet.

Renaissance Woman: Charli XCX

With new record Sucker confirming her talent as both performer and writer, Charli XCX opens up about the formula behind twenty-first century popstardom.

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