The New York-based queer, electronic pop duo Sarah Aument and Will Shore sort of split the difference between Chairlift and Beach House on the dreamy, dark pulse of "Seed".

Over jazz-flecked, programmed beats and buzzing ambience Aument's powerful voice sings of being consumed by the idea of being in love with something that isn't real: the lines "You're a secret / I don't know you / I can make you / who I want to / and I want to let the fantasy grow" are at the centre of a track about queer self-discovery. TMBOY are only really starting to get going, but they're already a brilliant, fully-formed proposition.

We spoke to TMBOY to find out a little more.

BEST FIT: So, who are TMBOY? And how did you meet?

TMBOY: "TMBOY is Sarah Aument and Will Shore. It’s our duo music baby. We met while working at the same office back in 2011 writing music for reality TV shows."

Who are your influences - do you share the same tastes or bring different styles to the band?

"We definitely share a lot of the same tastes.. and thoughts which is weird but mostly great haha. It helps when coming to a consensus creatively. Our backgrounds as a percussionist (Shore) and as a vocalist (Aument) definitely bring different styles and focuses into our project though. Our sound is created out of the combination of those things."

What can you tell us about the track?

"I know this doesn’t fully answer the question but for some reason this song really seems like the color green to me every time I listen to it. When we were writing it, we wanted to go in a bit of a different direction than we had with a few other songs we were working on at the time. It’s a bit slower, a bit dreamier, and it reads a bit more like a love song. It’s a complicated love song though, because it’s sort of about being in love with falling in love. But it’s at the same time about unrequited love and how complicated that was for me when I was younger navigating queer love for the first time. How do you tell or even show someone you like them if you are afraid of them knowing that you’re gay, afraid of admitting it to yourself, afraid that they would be offended at the suggestion, afraid that they won’t feel the same way…?

Is it getting harder, do you think, to separate love from lust in an age where social media gives us instant images of beautiful people and the chance for us to touch and retouch photos, to create an online image of ourselves?

"It’s so easy to see someone on social media as this beautiful person who takes photos of weird art and writes funny captions under sexy pictures, and ya, I definitely forget that that person also probably has bad breath in the morning and shitty insecurities that are tough - all the stuff that comes with a real person. It’s definitely enabled some of my own unrealistic expectations of partners and it certainly hasn’t helped me grow to love things that aren’t always easy or fun. People smell sometimes and Instagram is keeping me from that reality!!!"

It's Pride month - what does that mean to TMBOY, how important is it and how will you/how have you been celebrating?

"Pride is pretty much Christmas morning for the queermos and gaybies. You wake up in the morning and find that you have a dildo in your stocking and a new Melissa Etheridge poster wrapped up under the tree. It’s a pride miracle!

It actually means so much to have pride month. It should be year round but not a lot of spaces are made for queer people. This month, more spaces are."

What's next for TMBOY?

"We will be putting out more new music in the fall!! We are also playing at Elsewhere, Zone One in Brooklyn on July 25th with our friends Visuals and Psymon Spine."

"Seed" is out tomorrow.