The record, the follow up to 2014's Morning Phase and Song Reader, was initially slated for a 2014 release. That (and numerous other release dates) came and passed with little fanfare, but Beck's not exactly been silent in the years since, with "Wow", "Up All Night", and "Dreams" getting people confused and excited in equal measure.

Back in December 2016 he told the world the album was arriving "very soon", but apparently "very soon" means something different to Beck than it does to the rest of us.

Online music outlet Bull Moose briefly listed the fabled full-length for pre-order, as Reddit's /r/indieheads note; Colors is out via Capitol on 13 October, apparently - there's no art or tracklist but there are two versions ostensibly due: regular and deluxe. The latter comes with a hefty price tag.

Check the screenshotted listing below from user pinkcloudd:

We're very excited about a lot of albums in 2017, and this mythical Beck record is one of them.