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Listen: Male Bonding - “Falling” [Premiere]

The noisy trio had been keeping schtum for way too long until last week's surprise-released track "A Kick To The Face".

Listen: Michael Clark - “Talking To Nobody”

Mysterious sad bastard savant Michael Clark briefly resurfaces with "Talking To Nobody".

Listen: Peter Morén - “Hit Where It Hurts (Sportsman remix)” [Premiere]

The track features originally on Morén's Swedish language solo LP I spåren av tåren, but has been translated and reworked for Broken Swenglish Vol. 2.

Listen: GRRL PAL - “NGHT”

Australian electro-pop duo GRRL PAL grab us by the ears with latest offering, "NGHT".

Listen: Afterparty - “Crystal Clear” [Premiere]

Afterparty returns with a heartbreaking ode to unparalleled and unrequited infatuation

Listen: AOSOON - “Same Difference” [Premiere]

You can also watch a video of the duo announcing and explaining the creation of upcoming EP Capo 3.

Listen: Sea Change - “Above” [Premiere]

Oslo's Ellen A. W. Sunde is releasing her debut album Breakage on 23 February 2015.

Listen: Leo Kalyan - “Full Circle”

The mysterious singer-producer brings us another soulfully seductive slice of R&B in "Full Circle".

Listen: Thea & The Wild - “Heartattack” [Premiere]

Thea Glenton Raknes' debut LP Strangers & Lovers is due out January 12 via Jansen Plateproduksjon.

Listen: Liv - “Do You Love Me”

She might not yet have clout to demand a spot in the Top 10, but eclectic, on point cuts like this will surely see her clambering in that direction rather sharpish.

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