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Ben Khan’s brand new track “Blade (Tidal Wave Of Love)” is a spectacular nugget of electro-R&B

It's Khan's first release since he dropped the 1000 EP, and he only finished it earlier today (4 August).

Annabel Allum is happy as a folk music outsider on her second EP Absent [Premiere]

Listen to the second EP from Guildford's finest young troubadour exclusively here at Best Fit.

Natali Felicia brings the drama on “Easy Ride”

Three months since her debut track dropped, singer/songwriter Natali Felicia returns this week and it's one hell of a follow-up with a video to match

Brighton’s IYES unveil their new synth-pop eruption “No Wonder”

Where "So Crazy" slithered through the undergrowth, follow up "No Wonder" has its sights set on bursting through the canopy.

Gilligan Moss’ new track “It Felt Right” is so brilliantly wrong

It makes very little sense, but just like "Choreograph", Moss makes chaos beautiful.

Swedish pop producers CANVAS have unveiled their laid back debut single “You & Me” [Premiere]

It's their first official release, and it's a stunningly assured foray into the outer reaches of dance, pop, and ambient.

Hazel English dismantles illusions with sunlit indie-pop single “It’s Not Real”

The reflective "It's Not Real" serves as Oakland-based Hazel English's second single

Tom Misch wades into warm grooves on new single “In The Midst Of It All” [Premiere]

Misch will release a new cut every Thursday until the tape is released later next month, with "In The Midst Of It All" kicking off the series.

The Foetals tease debut album with bittersweet track “Malted”

Meet The Foetals is released via PNKSLM Recordings this October.

Gardens and Villa preview new album Music For Dogs with “Everybody”

"Everybody" is a maze of complex melodies and resounding rhythms, soaring and building before diving down a topsy-turvy plummet.

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