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Listen: Portico - “Memory Of Newness” (feat. Jamie Woon) [Premiere]

Portico pair up with Jamie Woon for a stirring and dark electronic cut, "Memory Of Newness", ahead of their new album Living Fields.

Watch: Mysteries - “Newly Thrown” [Premiere]

Cloak 'n' dagger outfit Mysteries are premiering their new music video for latest single "Newly Thrown" on Best Fit.

Watch: Dardust - “Invisibile Ai Tuoi Occhi” [Premiere]

Italian neoclassical composer Dardust is airing his new visuals for "Invisibile Ai Tuoi Occhi" exclusively on Best Fit.

Watch: Cairobi - “Perfect Strangers”

Cairobi have unleashed the visual accompaniment to latest cut "Perfect Strangers".

Listen: Alma Elste - “Virtualism” [Premiere]

Back in 2013 Alma Elste dropped the blinding demo for "Virtualism", and now you can hear the official version first on Best Fit.

Listen:  Cape Lion - “Mainland” [Premiere]

Stockholm synthpop duo Cape Lion effortlessly conjures up the irresponsible, heady rush of the '80s on their latest single, "Mainland".

Album stream: Kiings – “WWYDF”

Milwaukee-based duo Kiings release their collaborative debut LP WWYDF - a record flush with refined electropop beats and laid-back vibes.

Listen: Py - “Ghostdance”

Electro-pop singer Py has returned after a lengthy time away from the limelight, with new track "Ghostdance".

Watch: Hartheim - “Strange Fruit (Billie Holiday cover)”

Manchester's Hartheim have covered Billie Holiday's seminal "Strange Fruit" in a Salford crypt.

Listen: CILIA - “Clearly” [Premiere]

Swedish chanteuse CILIA is bounding into our lives with this stunning pop anthem, "Clearly".

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