This latest cut arrives just a few days before the rising star releases her self-titled full-length. Squirmy sax lines, parasitic earworms, and a killer middle eight combine for pure pop gold on "Half Love" - Elohim's made lots of brilliant turns over the past few years, but not many quite feel this massive.

"Half Love" links up with "Panic Attacks" and "F*ck Your Money" to preview Elohim's long-awaited debut LP, which also features already-heard numbers "The Wave", Whethan collab "Sleepy Eyes", "Skinny Legs", "Hallucinating". It's the follow up to 2016's self-titled debut EP (which contains hits such as "She Talks Too Much", "Bridge And The Wall", "Xanax", "Sensations", "Pigments", and Casey Veggies team up "All That Gold").


  1. Why Am I Like This?
  2. The Wave
  3. Sleepy Eyes
  4. Skinny Legs
  5. FYM
  6. Hallucinating
  7. The Universe Is Yours
  8. Enemies
  9. Panic Attacks (ft. Yoshi Flower)
  10. Silence Is Cool
  11. Half Love
  12. I Want You
  13. Not Your Mama
  14. Water Baby
  15. Insecure
Elohim is out 27 April via Elohim Music/BMG.