The track is littered with pitchshifted vocals, glistening synths, and gigantic pop moments - it's undeniably huge, and offers a newfound grandiosity that we've not seen from Elohim before. It's catchy, heart-on-sleeve, and shot through with neon hooks. As she emerges from her enigmatic shell, Elohim is becoming a full-fledged pop titan.

The 10-track EP contains three tracks marked 'interlude', plus a few we've already heard. "She Talks Too Much", "Bridge And The Wall", "Xanax", and "Pigments" will be on the short-player, as will Casey Veggies collab "All That Gold". It's due 20 May via B3SCI.

Stream "Sensations" below, and look over the EP's tracklist after.

1. Sensations
2. She Talks Too Much
3. Bridge and the Wall
4. Black And Blue (Interlude)

1. T.C. (Interlude)
2. Pigments
3. Guts
4. 9 (Interlude)
5. All That Gold