The pulsing verses stay pretty true to Elohim's fine-tuned dark-pop formula, but when the chorus hits she lurches into a technicolour world of circus jingles, J-pop synths, and enough pep to stick a permanent grin to your face. It's a jump into a fresh direction, but she totally pulls it off.

"I grew up with very little money," explains Elohim. "My parents put all of their focus on our wellbeing; learning the joy of music, feeding us organic food, and living a life full of love. We didn’t have the fancy cars, the nice houses or expensive possessions. when my mom could feel my sadness as I discovered we were 'different' from other families, she’d remind me, 'we are rich with love'. I didn't fully grasp the incredible importance of those words until recently. Love has become my main focus in life and I now know how priceless it truly is."

"A couple of months ago I drove past my childhood home and started singing 'I got love, fuck your money' out loud..." Elohim says of the song's origins. "It all came to me. I began to form the verses, chorus and instrumental melodies in the car. I got home, showered and couldn’t stop singing it.. I jumped out in the middle of my shower to make a voice note still covered in soap. When I finished my shower I drove straight to the studio to produce and finish the song. When your music and lyrics are coming from a deep genuine place they pour out of you like a faucet you can’t stop. This is ‘Fuck Your Money'."

The track follows a string of successful electro-pop gems, including "The Wave", "Eclipse", Whethan collab "Sleepy Eyes", "Skinny Legs", last January's ace collab with Louis The Child, dazzling one-off "Hallucinating", and 2016's self-titled debut EP (which contains hits such as "She Talks Too Much", "Bridge And The Wall", "Xanax", "Sensations", "Pigments", and Casey Veggies team up "All That Gold").

"F*ck Your Money" is out now. Elohim's debut album is expected to land later this year via BMG.