The film mixes live footage, behind-the-scenes shots, and interviews with Robyn from her 2012 tour around Europe. The new film comes shortly after the Swedish icon confirmed a reissue of Body Talk on vinyl.

"To celebrate the first of the RMX/RBN vinyl here's a throwback to the Body Talk tour with new film Tack by Rokk," reads a blurb on YouTube. "Robyn announces the RMX/RBN vinyl series along with a new remix of 'Be Mine' by Mark E. The vinyl will roll out in pairs every week."

Robyn hasn't officially released solo music in a long time, but earlier this year she contributed an impressive fragment of a track called "Honey" to the final season of HBO's Girls.

Robyn had a surprisingly busy 2016 - she guested on Metronomy's new record, spent time writing frontman Joe Mount, and rolled out the massive RMX/RBN series. She also played a handful of huge shows and spearheaded her own Tekla fest. In the (too many) years since Body Talk was released, the Swedish star has released music with the likes of La Bagatelle Magique, Mr. Tophat, Todd Rundgren, Kindness, and Röyksopp.

Watch Robyn's recent performance of "With Every Heartbeat" live with The xx.