The new joint effort follows "Trust Me", the lead single/title track from their upcoming collaborative three-track EP. It stretches well over nine minutes and is more subdued than the shadowy stomp of "Trust Me", embarking on a delirious voyage of disco and Latin-tinged trances - these are seriously hypnotic grooves.

“I wasn’t making my own music at the time, so he forced his way into my studio and said, ‘we’re going to make music now,’” Robyn says of the project's beginnings. “It was really nice for me to be submerged into his world and lose myself in something that wasn’t my own.”

Disco legends Per Lindvall, ABBA's original drummer, and bass-playing brother David joined Robyn and Mr. Tophat in the studio.

“You can hear disco in all club music,” Robyn continues. “It’s the base of so much music that we listen to, and it’s one of the most influential music styles ever. You can hear it everywhere. Disco’s always been in my world.”

Robyn had a surprisingly busy 2016, despite not really releasing anything herself - she guested on Metronomy's new record, spent time writing frontman Joe Mount, and rolled out a massive remix series. She also played a handful of huge shows and spearheaded her own Tekla fest.

In the years since Body Talk was released, the Swedish star has released music with the likes of La Bagatelle Magique, Kindness, and Röyksopp.

The Trust Me EP is released 13 January via Smalltown Supersound. Pre-order now.