Last month Logic and Madlib released collaborative track "Mars Only pt. 3" under the name MadGic, and over the weekend the duo returned with a second song titled "Raddest Dad".

Although MadGic are yet to announce their debut album/project, Logic did hint that MadGic have already completed an album on last month's debut collaborative song, when he rapped, "It's the M-A-D to the G-I-C / Logic and Madlib is MadGic, your catalogue tragic / Fuck a underground, fuck a pop sound / Made this whole album in a lockdown, hip hop is our town."

Back in July last year, Logic released his 'final album' No Pressure after announcing his retirement from music, but returned last month with a minute-long song called "Tired in Malibu". He's yet to officially announce his return.

In February Madlib released his Sound Ancestors album (which he worked on with Four Tet), and in the same month he collaborated with Kaytranada on a double single as part of a two-part documentary titled Driven by Sound.

MadGic's "Raddest Dad" song is on YouTube now.