The Mars Volta - who broke up in 2012 - haven't released new music since 2012's Noctourniquiet LP, and since then guitarist Omar Rodríguez-López has been focused on his solo projects and the At The Drive In reunion, and will release his The Clouds Hill Tapes Part III on 31 July.

Early this morning (22 July), Kanye West shared a clip from an athletic event (or a past Olympic Games) with The Mars Volta's "The Widow" track playing in the background. Kanye captioned the post, "The Mars Volta we need to finish the album", hinting that he could potentially already be working with the group on a collaborative album. Alternatively, it might just be Kanye West giving The Mars Volta a nudge to release a reunion album, considering it's been eight years since they split.

In a new interview with Best Fit, Rodríguez-López steers clear from mentioning The Mars Volta and a potential reunion, but explains that any kind of reunion is based on "whatever's going on in our lives personally, and our personal relationships. That's what either makes something like that possible, or not possible. Behind the scenes, of course the subject comes up between us here and there throughout the year, and when it does we start talking and check in with each other."

Kanye West is due to release his new album DONDA on Friday (24 July), but keeps confusing fans by uploading various tracklists. This morning (22 July) ye shared another featuring 17 track titles that could be abbreviations, and captioned the post: "DND: WTH CHLD this Friday".

It's unclear if "DND" is a track title or an abbreviation of his DONDA album title, or maybe he's just releasing tracks called "DND" and "WTH CHLD" on Friday (24 July) instead.

DONDA, named after his late mother, will follow on from last year's Jesus Is King album.

As well as releasing new tracks "Donda" and "Wash Us In The Blood" over the past month, ye also featured on Ty Dolla $ign's "Ego Death" single alongside FKA Twigs, Skrillex and serpentwithfeet.

Kanye West's DONDA album is due to arrive on Friday (24 July).