6 January 2009 saw the release of Merriweather Post Pavillion, Animal Collective's eighth album, complete with a optical illusion for an album cover.

Taking to Instagram to reveal the one decade anniversary of the record, Animal Collective reflect on one of their most defining points of their career, "We’re overwhelmed about how many of you have tapped into our world through this music. Every record is special to us but this one seems to have flown the farthest."

They also revealed that some post-Merriweather Post Pavillion sounds could be landing soon, "We hope to release some other MPP related sounds and sights over the next couple months in celebration of this moment. Keep tuning in. It’s 2019. We’re finding our way into some new sounds."

As well as releasing their audio/visual 2018 project Tangerine Reef, which aimed to raise awareness on the fragility of coral reefs, Geologist and Deakin of Animal Collective also teamed up with Baltimore's Ami Dang to release new track "Suspend The Time", which commemorates the first annual Ocean Acidification Day Of Action tomorrow (8 January).

While we wait for new material, revisit our 2016 Longread with the experimental group. Animal Collective haven't got any shows booked for 2019 yet.