Written and performed by Geologist and Deakin of Animal Collective, they have continued their aquatic exploration on "Suspend The Time", this time with Ami Dang, who adds bursts of glistening sitar to the submerged piano and water-infused instrumentals.

Despite their seven-minute "Suspend The Time" track being an ambient and endearing offering, the lyrics depict a more melancholy view, as they sing, "Our cities cry and lay bleaching / The tears align, an etching of the cost."

The track coincides with The Ocean Foundation's new Ocean Acidification Day Of Action which will take place in January 2019. The foundation is trying to raise awareness on the amount of carbon dioxide that our ocean absorbs, causing the pH (acidity) levels throughout our oceans to drop.

It's not the first marine-inspired project that Animal Collective have been involved in. Their 2018 record Tangerine Reef was an audio/visual record raising awareness on the fragility of coral reefs.

"Suspend The Time" is available now. All you have to do is sign up to receive a download through ocean-acidification.org.