Earlier this week, Allie X confirmed details of her new album Cape God.

So far she's released "Regulars", "Rings A Bell", "Fresh Laundry", and Troye Sivan collaboration "Love Me Wrong".

When confirming the record earlier this week, Allie X also shared the titles to the album's 12 tracks.

Yesterday (19 December) on Twitter, one fan asked if her track "MadameX" is related to Madonna in any way, as her latest album released in June is called Madame X.

Allie X replied, "It’s not Madonna related. Was written before her album came out."

The album, which follows on from last year's Super Sunset, will also feature a new Mitski collaboration.

Allie X's Cape God album will drop 21 February 2020, and is available to pre-order now. She plays London's Heaven on 4 June 2020. Find out more.