"Regulars" arrives after previous singles "Rings A Bell" and "Fresh Laundry".

Speaking about the new single, Allie X says, ""Regulars" is about trying to reintegrate into society when you’ve been an outsider all your life. Trying to fit in when you clearly never will. Wanting to fade into the background but also wanting so badly to be seen. I have felt at many points in my life like I want to fit in and ‘be normal’ for the sake of myself and the sake of others. At the same time, there’s a sense of humor and sarcasm to a lot of the lyrics, which is always my way of communicating some of my most desperate feelings."

Allie X has previously collaborated with the likes of Troye Sivan, Violet Chachki, and Mitski, and is currently on tour with Charli XCX.

She's yet to follow up her 2018 album Super Sunset.

Allie X's new single "Regulars" is out now.