Photos: Record Store Day 2012 – Rough Trade East, London 21/04/12

  • The far-reaching pre-opening queue (7.40am)
  • Sunlit queue - Dray Walk
  • Rough Trade East entrance
  • Pre-opening preparation
  • Limited edition vinyl racks
  • Limited edition vinyl table
  • Last minute coffees
  • Pre-opening staff preparation
  • First in the queue
  • Calm before the storm
  • Limited edition vinyl racks
  • Eager customers
  • Customers and staff
  • Customers queuing
  • Fleetwood Mac, Supremes and Civil Wars vinyl
  • Decision time
  • Vinyl racks
  • Sifting through the vinyl
  • Finding that special record
  • Making the purchase
  • Sorting through purchases

Today saw Rough Trade East in London celebrate the annual Record Store Day with limited edition releases and special events.  Our live photography editor headed over for an exclusive look behind the scenes before the opening and documented the morning.

Photos by Jason Williamson