SOTD #76 // Wild Nothing: ‘Summer Holiday’

Wild Nothing has been queued up waiting for a Song Of The Day post for way over a month now. Why we haven’t posted something already I don’t know – too much good music I guess. Alas, with Pitchfork crowning Wild Nothing’s debut album Gemini ‘Best New Music’ coupled with the weather outside being so damn glorious – what better way to celebrate than posting up ‘Summer Holiday’ as a soundtrack to a lazy day in the sun…

Owing a vast debt to the array of 1980′s / early 90′s indie-pop bands currently in vogue, Wild Nothing is more than a homage or a cheap cash-in on the current trend of lo-fi indie guitar slingers – Jack Tatum simply writes and records the music that has flowed through his veins since he was a kid. The result is everything you’d expect it to be. Taking cues from pre-Screamadelica Primal Scream (the guitar jangle of ‘All Fall Down’ springs to mind) and early Teenage Fanclub with a dose of US slacker rock – ‘Summer Holiday’ is a neon fused daydream; texturally perfect and insanely romantic – Tatum’s deft touch and humane songcraft make this one of the standout tracks of the year so far.

Wild Nothing: ‘Summer Holiday’