John Freeman


Best Fit chats to singer-songwriter YADi about how an African heritage shaped her whip-smart brand of eclectic pop.

Nadine Shah

Nadine Shah discusses her cliff-top upbringing, teenage years spent as a jazz singer and her special brand of ‘rude’ tour merchandising.

Moses Gold

"I want a reaction – to be loved or hated with no in between.” Former Christian AIDS frontman Phill Young talks to John Freeman about his new project Moses Gold.


Best Fit meet up with the mysterious NO CEREMONY/// to hear how the secretive Manchester outfit simply ‘want to focus on the music’ and just how they got Joey Santiago of Pixies to play guitar on one of their songs.

“I want to be a songwriter in a band” : Best Fit meets Milk Maid

John Freeman chats to Milk Maid’s Martin Cohen about a triumphant new album, Mostly No, and just why it so hard to keep hold of band members.

“It is part of my job to stick my neck out”: Best Fit meets She Makes War

Self-confessed “socialist, pacifist feminist”, Laura Kidd talks about the motivations behind her She Makes War project.

The Same – But Better: Best Fit meets Japandroids

Japandroids discuss how “every minute of every song was going to be as intense as we could have possibly made it.”

Introducing // Dante

He's the drummer with The Concretes and a purveyor of the finest blend of soul-pop. We meet him in Brighton to discuss the relative merits of Michael Jackson, Bob Marley and Zlatan Ibrahimović.

The Conflict of Coexistence: Best Fit meets Beach House

John Freeman meets up with Alex Scally and Victoria Legrand of Beach House to find out why the making of their sumptuous new album, Bloom, turned them into murderous vigilantes.

Introducing // Hannah Cohen

Hannah Cohen is a singer-songwriter and model-turned-photographer. She loves football and is about to release one of the most beautiful debuts albums of 2012. The Line of Best Fit catches up with multi-talented San Franciscan.

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