This latest vid - titled "Mother Of Knives Skill" - continues the bladed theme (the first two centred on kitchen prep) with the masked figure, seemingly the titular Mother Of Knives (sounds rather album name-y, doesn't it?), showing off their knife-throwing chops. The backwards talking, as fans have already deciphered, is also about knife throwing and isn't a cryptic album clue, sorry.

Martin Falck directs this latest teaser from The Knife.

As well as the recent videos, The Knife's social media has had an aesthetic overhaul - with other bands in recent years the fresh coat of digital paint has been a good indicator of a return or new album cycle. Is the same true for The Knife?

In 2014 the band announced a retirement from live performances following the end of their Shaking The Habitual commitments. They've DJed infrequently in the time since, and last year Karin Dreijer released "Lives Worth Grieving" for porn doc When We Are Together We Can Be Everywhere.

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