The first video (above) like some kind of demonic Food Network show, backed by Shaking The Habitual's "Networking". It's unclear exactly what's being concocted, but one of the ingredients is the creepy beak mask that's popped up a lot during the history of The Knife and Karin Dreijer's side gig Fever Ray.

As well as the new visuals, The Knife's social media has had an aesthetic overhaul - usually a good indicator of a band's return or a new album cycle... but with The Knife, who knows what it means?

In 2014 the band announced a retirement from live performances following the end of their Shaking The Habitual commitments. They've DJed infrequently in the time since, and last year Karin Dreijer released "Lives Worth Grieving" for porn doc When We Are Together We Can Be Everywhere.

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