"Whole World" lands after earlier offerings "Gnawed to the Bone (Come By)", "John Wayne", "Free" and "Stud Song".

Oren says of his latest single, "Like much of the record, it asks if phones give or take power, in this case using the framework of a traditional song wherein God has the power. Today, we have the power. Or do we only think so? How many ideas are really our own? Where do we end and the algorithms begin? What is ours? Did I steal this tune? Unearth it? Regurgitate it? Welcome to the 'boring dystopia' that is 2020."

The Greener Pasture is Oren's third album, and will follow on from 2017's Anthropocene.

He recorded the album at a Nashville cabin, and is "the first project I’d ever mixed, mastered, and seen out the door myself".

Oren is also due to host a live performance on YouTube today (26 March) at 3pm EST, which is 7pm GMT.

"Whole World" is out now. Peter Oren's The Greener Pasture album lands via Western Vinyl on 24 April, and is available to pre-order now.