"Gnawed to the Bone (Come By)" arrives after last month's lead single "John Wayne".

Oren says of the new offering, "I wrote the tune while living in a cabin near Nashville, IN, sitting on the porch at dusk listening to the owls. It was probably late spring to mid summer. It began mostly as a gibberish voice recording that was later deciphered and re-figured. Probably I was feeling lonesome because I let myself lean into excessive phone use 'for research'."

The Greener Pasture will follow on from Oren's 2017 LP Anthropocene, and will also feature last year's singles "Free" and "Stud Song".

Oren's forthcoming album was recorded in the Nashville cabin he mentioned above, and is "the first project I’d ever mixed, mastered, and seen out the door myself".


  1. In Line to Die
  2. Stud Song
  3. Free
  4. The Greener Pasture
  5. Whole World
  6. Fun Yet
  7. John Wayne
  8. Gnawed to the Bone (Come By)
  9. Ones and Ohs
  10. Don't Eat Their Feed
  11. Fences Ranchers and Cattle Prods
  12. Loading Page
"Gnawed to the Bone (Come By)" is out now. Peter Oren's The Greener Pasture album lands via Western Vinyl on 24 April, and is available to pre-order now.