"Average Joe" lands after last month's "Peach" and July's "Famous Enough to Die".

Despite the breezy instrumentation, Scheller's new outing sees him embrace his individuality. He says, ""Average Joe" is about challenging ideas of masculinity and being proud of not fitting the mould. It’s about owning it. Being different, and being loud about it. No I’m not your Average Joe and nor do I wanna be ;)."

The musician, songwriter and producer is yet to follow up his 2019 album HTTP404, which featured collaborations with Ashnikko, Jevon and Miraa May, Lily Allen and more.

As well as releasing his own singles this year, Scheller did make an appearance on Yaeger's "Nosebleed" track in June.

Oscar Scheller's "Average Joe" single is out now.