"Sincerely Yours" is Omni's first new single since April's "Delicacy" and "I Don't Dance", released as part of Sub Pop's Singles Club.

Philip Frobos says of their new single, "The last couple of years marked a lot of friends making the 9 to 5 career change. While I'm aware that there are many advantages to that lifestyle, the song is written from an outsider's perspective while remaining close to their struggles."

Omni's forthcoming third album Networker will follow on from 2017's Multi-task, and will be their first album since signing to Sub Pop.

Networker was recorded between November 2018 and April 2019 in Vienna, Georgia.


  1. Sincerely Yours
  2. Courtesy Call
  3. Moat
  4. Underage
  5. Skeleton Key
  6. Genuine Person
  7. Present Tense
  8. Blunt Force
  9. Flat Earth
  10. Networker
  11. Sleep Mask
"Sincerely Yours" is out now. Networker will arrive 1 November via Sub Pop. Omni will play London's Oslo on 30 November. Find out more.