The new offerings are the trio's first since last year's "Sunset Preacher" and "Confessional" singles.

Speaking about "Delicacy", the group's Philip Frobos says, ""Delicacy" was one of the first songs we wrote after a couple of years of non-stop touring behind Deluxe and Multi-task. It came naturally to Frankie and I, but felt like we were headed someplace new. It’s written about falling in love, with who would become my wife, on a 23-hour layover in Casablanca, exploring a new continent, feeling intrigued and truly alive."

The band are currently working on their third album, which will also be their first since signing to Sub Pop.

"Delicacy" and "I Don't Dance" are both out now. Omni will tour the US with Foals. Find out more.