The Marina Book is an online creative journal/diary in which Diamandis discusses various hefty topics with fans - such as mental health and the pros and cons of solitude - and provides updates on her life and career.

In the latest entry, Diamandis discusses returning to education (to study psychology) and her feelings on being an artist, as well as shedding light on her next musical steps: "I'm gearing up to test my ideas for my next musical project over Christmas," she explains.

"Whilst I’m far from starting the next campaign," Diamandis continues, "I've been thinking about how I can create a better life for myself as an artist, on a day-to-day level, but also how I can best spend my energy in contributing something positive or helpful. The privileges of making art for a living are so huge, but one of the things that I have always found difficult is a lack of routine, or consistency."

"Traditional album cycles were very off/on in the past; you made your album, created your visual world, went on promotion, then went off on tour and kissed goodbye to the sweet life you’d scratched out for yourself between albums. Then two years later it’s all over again, you’re faced with a big space and you feel strange trying to integrate yourself back into your old life. There is no ‘how to’ guide to mental health and being an artist. I’m going to try my best to do things differently this time. Some people enjoy the cycles, others work better with consistent medium-intensity work (ie me). I like to work hard, but not too hard..."

Diamandis has also shared a short snippet of music played on an Omnichord/Q Chord:

Marina and The Diamonds' latest release was the summer's "Disconnect" collaboration with Clean Bandit (she's credited just as 'Marina' on it). Her latest LP FROOT was released in 2015, and although she's toured a helluva a lot, she's kept out of the spotlight for the most part. She did deliver a pretty interesting speech to the Oxford Union though, and last year saw a Cyndi Lauper cover hit the airwaves.

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