"Earthship" lands after last month's lead single "Kagen Sound", and is accompanied by an animated video created by Abbott.

He says of his new release, "Of all the tracks I recorded for this album, "Earthship" felt the most magical when it happened. I wasn't planning on using the guitar when we started the sessions, but it was just sitting there, so when I started playing this doomy slow thing it just felt right to hit the guitar a few times. We had these microphones setup outside the studio picking up street noise and on this track we ended up with some radio and children going past. I couldn't hear those bits when I was playing it, but when we brought the faders up to check the take there were all these sounds that had magically arrived and fit into the track perfectly."

Abbott adds, "The track feels like flying through space, so I named it "Earthship" as a nod to Buckminster Fuller's Operating Manual For Spaceship Earth. An Earthship is also a type of passive eco home, built of recycled materials."

Translate was written, recorded and produced by Abbott, and is his first solo LP since 2014's Wysing Forest.

"Earthship" is out now. Luke Abbott's Translate LP arrives via Border Community on 30 October, and is available to pre-order now.