"Kagen Sound" is a rich and menacing first taster of Abbott's Translate LP, and is, according to Abbott, "based around the Korg Monopoly".

He says, ""Kagen Sound" is one of the simpler tracks on the record, it's based around the Korg Monopoly, which is one of my favourite sounding synths. The track is named after an American puzzle box maker, he makes the most incredibly intricate wooden puzzle boxes. I've been interested in puzzle boxes since I saw Hellraiser when I was about 11 years old, maybe I shouldn't have seen that film so young. To me the track feels like a a huge opening in the earth, like a cosmic doorway, which is why it's the opening track on the album."

Translate was written, recorded and produced by Abbott, and is his first solo LP since 2014's Wysing Forest.

Abbott has been far from quiet since his last solo album. He's recorded under the alias Earlham Mystics, released two film soundtracks (Guy Myhill’s The Goob and Jessica Hynes’ The Fight), released two albums with Szun Waves (alongside Portico Quartet’s Jack Wylie and PVT’s Lawrence Pike), and put out a collaborative album with UK producer James Holden in 2016, Outdoor Museum of Fractals / 555Hz.


  1. Kagen Sound
  2. Our Scene
  3. Flux
  4. Ames Window
  5. Roses
  6. Earthship
  7. Living Dust
  8. River Flow
  9. Feed Me Shapes
  10. Luna
  11. August Prism
"Kagen Sound" is out now. Luke Abbott's Translate LP arrives via Border Community on 30 October, and is available to pre-order now.