"Rolling Into One" arrives after earlier singles "Say Something", "Mind's Eye", and "Wildfire".

Offering an explanation of his new single, Rakei says, "This song is about embracing the mentality of acceptance and perseverance. Things will continue to happen and we can only look at the bright side to remain sane through the rise of technology and artificially intelligent systems. I wanted the song to be sonically vibrant and colourful but maintain its darker lyrical theme of a dystopian future."

Origin follows 2017's Wallflower, and is largely inspired by Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror, Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale, and David Lynch’s Twin Peaks. Rakei says of the record, "I’m worried that we’re losing a sense of connection."

Between releasing his own material, Rakei featured on Loyle Carner's "Ottolenghi" single, and Rosie Lowe's "Birdsong".

"Rolling Into One" is out now. Origin drops via Ninja Tune on 14 June. Jordan Rakei will play London's Roundhouse on 18 October. Find out more.