Given that they've posted a load of in-studio shots and clips too, it definitely looks like they're getting ready to release something new (basically confirming what we thought when they started this whole thing last week).

The latest clips have a definite football theme, and some look like they're taken from a music vid. We're totally guessing, but our money is on Hinds having been recruited to make Spain's World Cup song.

Hinds have kept things on the quieter side since releasing the deluxe edition of their acclaimed debut Leave Me Alone, though they released a cover of "Caribbean Moon" last summer - it's the latest in a string of covers from the band, following "Holograma" (Los Nastys) and "Davey Crockett" (Thee Headcoats).

The Madrid outfit have a few US dates in the calendar, but if an album actually is on the way then we can probably expect many more through 2018. Find out more live details.

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