Hinds today drop the deluxe edition of debut record Leave Me Alone featuring B-sides, mobile phone demos, and rarities.

To celebrate their new release, the Madrid foursome have unveiled this rendition of "Holograma". Los Nastys, also from Madrid, had a big impact on the early days of Hinds, as the band explain in a new statement:

first of all, you're gonna notice this song is in spanish (OMG!)
second of all, you have to know we didn’t write it (OMFG!!!)
so with these things you would probably wonder what made us think it's a good idea to record this song and release it??
are hinds going crazy and they don't like their own songs already?!
NOOOOOOO! neveeerrr!!!!
the thing is this song is from Los Nastys,
the thing is that covering this song was the beginning of this band (or at least one of them, 'cause our beginnings are v confusing), it was the first thing we played after a break of almost 2 years..

and covering songs from bands you love used to be a great tradition that people dont do that much anymore.
but the real thing is that we think Los Nastys are the best band in the world. since ever and forever.
and that all we have to say about this.