Last year The Nowhere Inn, a film directed by Bill Benz and co-written/starring St. Vincent and Carrie Brownstein of Sleater-Kinney, was debuted a Sundance Film Festival, and last night (18 May) the first trailer for the film was unveiled ahead of its September release date.

The Nowhere Inn is described as a "metafictional account of two creative forces banding together to make a documentary about St. Vincent’s music, touring life, and on-stage persona. But they quickly discover unpredictable forces lurking within subject and filmmaker that threaten to derail the friendship, the project, and the duo’s creative lives."

St. Vincent and Brownstein's film is scored by St. Vincent, and also stars Dakota Johnson.

The new trailer arrives hot on the heels of St. Vincent's new album Daddy's Home. Last week Sleater-Kinney announced their upcoming album Path Of Wellness.

St. Vincent and Carrie Brownstein's The Nowhere Inn film will be released 17 September.