"Do You Read Me?" is the group's fourth single to be lifted from their upcoming eighth album, after "Beyond That of Courtesy", "Money Is A Memory", and "Only In A Man's World".

Field Music's Making A New World album will be their first since 2018's Open Here, and is inspired by the after-effects of the First World War, with songs about air traffic control, gender reassignment surgery, Tiananmen Square, and ultrasound.

The new album began when Field Music took on a project from the Imperial War Museum. The starting point for the record was a document from the museum collection, an image from 1919 on munitions by the US War Department, made using "sound ranging" - a technique that utilised an array of transducers to capture the vibrations of gunfire at the front.

"Do You Read Me?" is out now. Making A New World will be released via Memphis Industries on 10 January, and is available to pre-order now. Field Music play London's EartH on 29 February. Find out more.