"Contaminated" arrives after earlier singles "Look What You're Doing To Me" featuring Francis and the Lights, and "Gimme".

Offering some words to accompany the fresh track, Banks says, ""Contaminated" is about being addicted to a toxic relationship. The more you give, the less of yourself you become."

Banks' new album III follows on from 2016's The Altar.

Last week, Banks shared a glimpse of her forthcoming poetry book, Generations of Women from the Moon.

In a recent interview with Best Fit, Banks shared some details about a poetry book coinciding with her forthcoming third album, "I’m releasing a poetry book! I’m just as excited about this poem book as the album! I’ve always been a songwriter, and therefore a poet, but now that I’ve embraced writing poetry, I’ve noticed that the area that my music comes from and the area that my poetry comes from both feed into the same funnel that helps me heal and function."

"Contaminated" is out now. III lands Friday (12 July) via Harvest Records. Banks plays London's Roundhouse on 4 November. Find out more.