Banks' new track is a collaboration with Jack Antonoff (who recently shared a new solo single as Bleachers) and Tim Anderson. It's set to feature during the final season of HBO series Girls.

"There's a lot less anxiety," Banks told us recently during an interview about second record The Altar. "It was super hard to adjust the first time round. I hard a really hard time with it all; I had a really hard time with touring. Even just playing my songs for people was so hard... I wasn't used to it. My songs are like the most intimate parts of who I am and it felt strange to sing that in front of people and have people watch as I go through these emotions. I felt naked in front of millions of people... you have to go through it once to find out what works for you because no two people are the same. There's no handbook to this job. I had to write my own."

At this rate the soundtrack to the show's final season will be one of the best pop records of all time - Swedish superstar Robyn has also contributed a track called "Honey".

Banks' latest LP The Altar is out now. "Crowded Places" is available via Harvest.