"City In Lights" follows on from last month's "Johannesburg" which featured Gruff Rhys, Morena Leraba, Radio 123, and Sibot.

Both singles are taken from Africa Express' upcoming album EGOLI.

Offering more details on the new single, Georgia says, ""City In Lights" is about Hilda Tloubatla - or Mama as we called her - and the journey she made from her township to the studio to join The Mahotella Queens in 1960’s Johannesburg. She shared her incredible story with me and I was so inspired by her ambition, her love for music and her incredible bravery to leave her family at such a young age to follow her dreams. Whilst recording the music in my room-turned-studio, I had this amazing view of the city of Johannesburg and at night it was all lit up and glowing… And I thought of all the women who come to the city to follow their dreams and make a better life for themselves… It was truly life changing to meet Mama and I thank Africa Express for this."

Otim Alpha added, "I was very happy to meet a great producer like Georgia and hear the beautiful voices of The Mahotella Queens as well as all the great music styles. I loved working with Georgia; making music with different musicians is amazing."

Speaking to Best Fit her trip with Africa Express, Georgia said, "You can’t see it but me and Damon got matching tattoos. We all got tattoos. Nick Zinner from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs designed them and we all got tattoos done. It’s official, we’re like a family. It was a very special project, because at the beginning everyone’s quite tentative and everyone’s finding their feet with everyone, and then it hit like mid-week, and suddenly we all knew we were on this really special journey together. By the end of the week we had created so much amazing music and everyone loved each other, and everyone couldn’t believe that this had happened. It was just incredible for us, as well as the South African artists, it was an incredibly life changing experience."

"City In Lights" is out now. Africa Express' new album EGOLI drops 12 July via Africa Express Records, and is available to pre-order now.