Following her recent Scandipop bop “IDWTAI” and her debut single “Anyone”, which she penned with help from Paul McCartney, SKIA continues to pull no punches on her latest single. Laden with electronic beats and supported by a warm, driving bassline, “Selfish” reflects on the resentment you often feel after a break-up.

The lyrics are refreshingly honest, demonstrating an acceptance that sometimes it’s OK to feel aggrieved, even if there’s no real need to. And what better way to deliver that message than with a danceable, sparkling pop track?

“'Selfish' is a bitter jam about feeling a little hard done by after a breakup, and calling someone out on their behaviour,” explains SKIA. “Maybe the other person is hooking up with someone you know, or jumping straight into a new relationship, or playing you around for a bit because they can’t decide whether they want you or not - you know, things that may come across really selfish to the person on the receiving end.

“I think breaking up is inevitably gonna feel icky no matter what side of it you're on, but I don’t think there’s a better way of dealing with these feelings than compressing them into a song and making it danceable #bitternessbutmakeitchic”.

With a summer schedule of live dates shelved for the time being, SKIA is now focussing on her debut EP Apricot, scheduled for release next month. With “Selfish” now a part of the catalogue, it’s clear that the future's looking stellar for this Scandipop star.

“Selfish” is out today via Heist or Hit and her EP Apricot will be out 1 May. Find SKIA on Facebook.