King Henry, the Beyoncé and Bieber co-writer/producer, made his glittering entrance in the autumn of last year with debut “Gold Dust” followed by “Nude” with up and coming pop star Semma. His first full body of work “Don’t Stay Away” showcased an artist unafraid of applying forward thinking and experimental elements to pop inspired chord structures and in the process, creating a distinctive and deeply personal sound.

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Mike Milosh of RHYE fame co-wrote and produced latest single “Moment” with King Henry and it is everything a collaboration of this scale should be. Milosh’s soft, ethereal vocal is layered on top of disjointed beats whilst gentle string moments steadily rise into a roaring crescendo.

Ultimately, “Moment” is a masterful and progressive piece of songwriting which is faultless, intelligent and a testament to both men's musicianship.

"Moment" is out now via Black Butter/Duke City Records.