The Norwegian artist and producer recently spent time in Los Angeles with fellow members of the Oslo-based all-female KOSO collective (including DJ and producer Soldal,  underwater pop star Anana and singer/photographer Sara Angelica, whose "Run" track we have previously featured on Best Fit) finishing off the tracks which will make up Juno's forthcoming instrumental EP Frisson.

One of these tracks is "Valentine", and it points to another possible new direction for the brilliant Pieces of Juno; we've heard Kine Sandbæk Jensen move from the Balearic bliss of debut "Saffron", through the smoky "Same to Me" to the sensual R&B of "Silver & Gold" and while this new track starts out as another slow-jam with finger click percussion and almost Flamenco-style guitar it's immediately interrupted by stabs of synthetic strings and frantic Gamelan percussion, which takes "Valentine" in an eastern direction. 

Pitch-bent sighs slow the track down again as we loop back to the start before Juno launches once more into the skittering beat and handclaps, keeping things moving and creating a track that's both danceable and a completely fascinating exploration of styles and rhythms.

Frisson is out via KOSO next month, and you can listen to "Valentine" right now.