She's the latest excellent artist to find a home on fellow Norwegians KOSO, the all-female collective and record label who also have Pieces of Juno and Sara Angelica on their roster, following her early singles "The Easy Path" and "Island".

"Swimmer's Body Illusion" is the sound of Anana in full-on dream pop mode; there's beautiful space between the sparse beats and electronic glitches which fall like droplets of water, while Anana's ethereal vocals float effortlessly to the high notes. Although digitally composed this music feels crafted from nature, a shape carved from ice now slowly melting as shafts of light touch upon it and take advantage of this mutable, ever-changing thing.

The charming ambience of "Swimmer's Body Illusion" is joined by B-side "Hurdling" in the now-tradition KOSO style of offering the classic two-sided single for our listening pleasure. And you can do just that below.