“Turbulence” exudes the mercurial tornado of electro-tuned alt-pop passion that powered the eclectic traction of “Walk On The Ceiling” and “CTR”, a recent collaboration with Factory Flaws label-mate HÅN. Matching the high-octane renown of her live performances, the new track finds the Milan-based singer-songwriter twisting through a blizzard of tumultuous vocals, percolating synth patter and skittering guitar frissons, advancing to a climax fragmented with fizzling electronic static.

GIUNGLA, as such, re-establishes her ever versatile presence, the latest in a career that has seen her team-up with a string of cutting-edge producers, notably Depeche Mode-collaborator Luke Smith and Andrew Savours, known for his work with The Kills and Black Country, New Road.

Lyrically orbiting around a desire to rein in everyday flux on her latest cut; GIUNGLA, aka Ema Drei, equally draws value from life’s often-unruly nature as a path to personal growth.

“Turbulence is about all the stuff around us that we can’t control. It’s about missing life out there, with its ups and downs,” explains Ema. “What often feels like the scariest part of an experience is just part of the journey. Sometimes you need to go though it, in order to keep flying.”

"Turbulence" is out now via Factory Flaws. Find GIUNGLA on Instagram.