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GIUNGLA abandons convention via the off-kilter pop-primed “Walk On The Ceiling”

05 November 2020, 09:00 | Written by Christopher Hamilton-Peach

Milan-hailing GIUNGLA fosters a capacity for jagged indie-lined angst torn with fidgety alt-pop kinetics; a formula that has assumed increasing sonic definition during a five-year run of releases.

With performances racked up beside Grimes, The xx and Battles, GIUNGLA's (aka Ema Drei) propulsive modus operandi sports an all-encompassing gloss. It's bolstered on her recent singles by the production acumen of Luke Smith, known for his work with Foals and Depeche Mode, amongst others.


· Walk On The Ceiling

Pairing with My Bloody Valentine collaborator Andrew Savours for “Walk On The Ceiling”, Drei negotiates a fine line between bolshy, eruptive euphoria and disconcerting dissonance. She straddles lacerating strings and quaking electronic rumbles with a blurring of paths that lends a trepidatious tint to her songcraft.

Embracing a febrile yet aloof atmosphere, the Italian artist oscillates between adrenaline-led pomp and sneaking jeopardy; tension spurred by late-night introspection, confronted with the solitude of inner thoughts and the glare of a smartphone screen.

Drei traces the track’s origins, offering further insight into its context: “I like to think of the phone light as a candle to be protected and given to someone special,” she explains. “The perspective is upside down, as if those who stay awake at night to write were in another reality; it is about the beauty of looking for a bit of mystery and magic even in a protected and domestic environment, trying to be braver than you are during the day.”

GIUNGLA's latest single presents a glimpse into a multifarious artistic scope, delivering diverging electro rock rhythms: a surging precedent in advance of a forthcoming EP next year.

"Walk On The Ceiling" is out now via Factory Flaws. Find GIUNGLA on Instagram.
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