Charli Adams, a former cheer captain from Alabama who uprooted to pursue music in Nashville, isn’t one to hide the fact that she likes a good smoke. Taking a step in a different direction from the introspective “Cheer Captain”, Adams has taken the opportunity to write a song about a fun, easygoing experience. “Get High w/My Friends" takes you out of the moment and puts you in a space to relax, dance, chill, and be free.

“During lockdown, I had a crew of six girls in my covid bubble that would come over and just go off together. I share a lot of heavy shit on this album so I didn’t want to leave out this part of the story,” says Adams. “I'm not encouraging escapism through drugs, it's more about whatever helps you feel more present.”

“Personally, I like doing drugs in the kitchen with my friends. It's one of my favourite pastimes and it kinda kept me going through a really difficult year. It’s my ‘Put Your Records On’ or whatever… it's my ‘fuck it, have fun’ song.”

The song is concise with a perfect hook, and its washes of gorgeous guitars over chords really get your soul singing. With an album coming soon and a powerhouse of strong singles to date, Charli Adams is solidifying herself as one to watch this year.

"Get High w/ My Friends" is out now via Color Study. Pre-Order Bullseye LP, out 16 July. Find Charli Adams on Instagram.