SPOT Festival, in pictures – Aarhus, Denmark 27/05/11

The common consensus throughout the attendees of yesterday’s Spot shenanigans was a one word affair: “COLD!” To say there was a chill in the air would be somewhat of an understatement, but, bad weather aside, the atmosphere was far from icy. Perhaps one of the friendliest festivals this particular writer has ever attended, the mood was laid back and easy – queues for venues non existent, industry schmoozers mingling freely with the paying crowd – everyone equal, with absolutely no airs or graces being tossed around. A rarity nowadays.

Highlights were undoubtedly Oh Land, who played a packed out Musikhuset (the equivalent of a main stage) – a glorious theatre that saw the great Dane perform with a full band, both amazing and arresting in equal parts (and that was just the outfit). Copenhagen’s Just A Number 05272011 revealed their band name – Battlekat – and played to a heaving Voxhall with a confidence and grace that bands months, even years into their career, could only dream of possessing.

Enjoy the photos below. Check back tomorrow for more of the same, most probably featuring jj, Hymns From Nineveh and the outstanding When Saints Go Machine.