The East London rapper performed a set which included "Bestie" and "Rihanna" to celebrate the launch of Nando’s Music Exchange 2018, which will take place this June.

Nando’s Music Exchange is a programme which inspires the exchange of global music influences through mentoring, workshops and explosive events. The likes of Stormzy and Ella Eyre have been involed in mentoring young artists in the past. Now heading into it’s fourth year, this year will see professional artists work with aspiring acts from the UK, Canada, Australia, and Nando’s home of South Africa. The unsigned artists will be tasked with collaboratively creating music together in a short period of time.

Read about Little Simz' team-up with Nando's for their second music exchange back in 2016.

Nando’s also recently opened its first ever in-restaurant recording studio. Fully equipped with professional gear, and in the restaurant’s familiar surroundings, the studio is free to use for aspiring producers, artists and DJs ready to turn the heat up on their career.. To apply, head to