"Imagine" is the second track to be revealed from Yoko Ono's forthcoming album Warzone.

Yoko Ono shared the title track back in July, and has today followed it up with a sparse cover of John Lennon's "Imagine" to honour her late husband's 78th birthday.

Speaking about the new offering, the BBC write that Yoko Ono explained, ""Imagine" was the only one I was totally nervous about, because everyone in the world knows about it and I could be criticised, but I thought it was very important to do it and my nervousness must be secondary."

She added, ""John and I created a lot together and he would be very happy that I did it."

The reworked version features pianist and singer/songwriter Thomas Bartlett as a co-producer, and arrives the week after the release of John Lennon's six-disc celebration of "Imagine".

Yoko Ono's cover of "Imagine" is available now. Her Warzone album arrives on 19 October via Sean Lennon’s label Chimera Music, and is available to pre-order now.