Spencer Krug of Wolf Parade has revealed his own Patreon page, where he will release his solo work for one dollar (or more) a song. He plans to release one song a month - the first track "River River", is already available.

Expanding on why he's choosing to release solo material this way, Krug writes, "Over the past fifteen years I have made a lot of records (nineteen LPs and eight EPs according to wikipedia, wtf) with a number of projects; Wolf Parade, Moonface, Sunset Rubdown, and Swan Lake being the most relevant to me. And while I’m grateful for all that experience, I’ve always been frustrated by the huge and kind of pointless amount of time it takes for the music to get to your ears after it leaves my hands. "

He adds, "By the time you’ve decided whether you love or hate a thing, I've stopped thinking about it almost entirely. This long gap is because the music industry likes to work, for better or for worse, in a particular way. The disconnect puts you the music fan, and me the songwriter, in different places when considering the same song, whereas I think it’d be better if we could hear things from more or less the same place. I love the idea of posting a new song, one that represents where I’m at artistically that very day, knowing that people will hear it instantly; I love the idea of touring material that’s as fresh to me as it is to the audience. So the above-mentioned time gap is one that I am trying to close here."

Wolf Parade fans needn't be worried about Krug's new venture, as he reveals, "I’m not abandoning completely the idea of whole albums. I will continue to write and release LPs with Wolf Parade, or any other project / time wherein it makes the most sense to work that way."

Krug also reveals what kind of music he'll be releasing over the course of the year, "So I’ve wanted to return to the piano for a long while now, and it’s that style of music that I’ll be posting here each month, over the entirety of 2019. In a sense, I’m just making another piano album, but sharing it with you one song at a time, as I write them, in a sort of real-time process which includes the listener."

The Canadian musician last released music with Wolf Parade in 2017 with their Cry Cry Cry album.

"River River" is out now via Spencer Krug's Patreon page. Find out more.